Manly Tips on Making a Stripper Like You at the Club

Are you planning to hang out in a strip club in Fortitude Valley? Well, you are in the right place! The region is one of the best destinations in Brisbane when it comes to strip clubs. Now, to make your night out more memorable, you should spend some quality time with the strippers Fortitude Valley offers. And what better way to make sure you enjoy each moment at the club than having the dancers literally fall into your lap?

The only problem is, while you may know what you want when visiting a strip club, you may not have any idea what a particular stripper may like in a client. You might not successfully charm the girl you’ve been eyeing. Well, don’t take it too seriously. You just might need some practice. And, make sure to use these tips while you’re testing your skills in getting the attention of those beautiful dancers.

  • Order some drinks for you and the girl.

While you are there, you should buy at least a couple of drinks for you and the stripper that you are interested in. Remember that she has a cut for every cocktail that you order for her. So, the more you buy, the more she will like you.

  • Tip her decently.

Typically, how long a dancer would spend time with you at the club would depend on how much you would tip her. When she is giving you a private lap dance, make sure to tip her decently. By doing so, she might even be inclined to give you more than you expect.

  • Do not agree with her all the time.

This does not mean that you have to be rude in responding to what she says. It means that, instead of agreeing with her opinions all the time, you can gently assert your own against hers to still be in control. Plus, it shows you can be someone who isn’t boring to talk to and that you’re not trying too hard to win her over. Such a gentlemanly gesture can also make you more interesting to any of the strippers Fortitude Valley has.

  • Avoid asking her some personal information.

While exotic dancers are supposed to be friendly, they also have their own private lives to protect. So, refrain from asking a stripper for personal information, like her real name—she uses an alter ego for a reason. Even if it is just a phone number, it is still inappropriate to ask. Unless she decides to give it to you willingly!

  • Drink only what you can.

While it is appropriate to buy some drinks, it is stupid to get too wasted. After all, nobody would want you vomiting in front of them. This will be a huge turn off for any woman you meet at the club.

Most importantly, you should treat these ladies with kindness and be a gentleman. Remember that although the hot strippers Fortitude Valley boasts of work to give you some pleasure, they are still professionals and human beings. So, show them respect. Sure enough, they would return the favour by making your night one that you will never forget.

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