The Proper Etiquette for a Buck’s Party

With your best buddy about to tie the knot, you want to throw the most memorable bucks party that he will never forget. Where do you even begin to get the ball rolling?

What is a stag party?

Definitions can vary but the most popular is that the event is primarily designed for marrying males and is celebrated before he says “I do”. It is considered to be his “last night as a free man” hence, invited guests are strictly male with the exception of female strippers.

Given this idea, it is clear to see that there are certain limitations in hosting this big event. You also need to ensure that the bucks party will not cause a rift between the marrying couple.

What to Remember When Organising a Stag Do

Inviting Guests to the Party

Only invite those who you think will play an important role in making the event happier and more fun. You should also choose them according to how comfortable they are in participating in the various activities you have in mind. Conversely, choose activities based on the guests’ interests.

Another thing to remember is not to invite too many people during the stag party so the groom won’t end up entertaining all night instead of being entertained. His closest friends, family members, or colleagues are the most ideal people to invite to the party.

Choosing the Venue

Where you hold the bucks party will depend on your planned activities. You can visit strip clubs or hit the outdoors for an adventurous day out. Just remember not to do anything overly extreme, such as bungee jumping or skydiving, so you don’t risk the life of the groom and other guests.

Also, do not choose a venue that’s too far, especially if the party is close to the day of the wedding. If you’re planning a party a couple of nights before the wedding, opt for a staycation, a club visit, or a casino visit which is a safer call.

Deciding on the Spending Money Limit

It’s one thing to spend a bit on something but it’s totally a different issue when you spend tons of cash for one night of fun. Do not underestimate the amount of money you will need for the stag party but don’t overdo your spending either.

Also, do not put everyone’s tab on the groom, especially if the party is a surprise. You wouldn’t want to add more to their wedding expenses.

Your best bud’s about to reach a big milestone in his life. Throw a memorable celebration in his honour, following the proper etiquette from this practical guide.

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